The idea of disc golf is similar with the idea of golf. Instead of clubs and balls like in regular golf, the playing equipment of disc golf features a wide variety of plastic frisbees that come in many different shapes and weights. Disc golf target corresponds golf’s hole. The winner of a round of disc golf is the one who completed the course with the smallest amount of throws.

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It is deeply social experience. A Disc Golf match can be played with friends, with family members, or with players you just met. There are also Disc Golf clubs, which organize tournaments, clinics, and other ideal activities for meeting people and increasing the knowledge of the sport.


Disc Golf courses are sustainable with the environment and promotes respect for nature. Its installation and use have a minimum environmental impact. It is integrated into the sourroundings and takes advantage of its characteristics to create a unique course.


A Disc Golf course is a very affordable facility to install and maintain, especially when compared to traditional Golf. It is fairly low cost for the player and in addition an 18-hole Disc Golf game is played in half the time as a traditional game of Golf.


A well-designed Disc Golf course attracts players of all ages and all levels, but also is an opportunity to organize excellent events that attract players and enthusiasts from all over the world.


With my long-time experience as a player but also as an event organizer, I can support your project as the course designer, coordinate the procurement of the material, and assist with the installation of the course. Please feel free to contact me by mail.

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Modern courses typically use standard disc golf baskets. A disc which hits the chains is often, but not always, deflected into the basket. Discs must land inside the basket or on the chains to count the hole as completed.

Disc golf courses can be set up in parks, recreation areas and Sports areas, even a forest can host a Disc Golf course. At its best, a disc golf course is established in a well-groomed park where there is sufficient space for holes, which vary from 50 to 200 meters.