When I got in touch with a disc (Frisbee) for the first time, almost 40 years ago, I would not imagine that this flying object will guide me for the rest of my life. Not only, that I have fallen in love with a new movement, but also realized from the first moment the big potential and the great opportunities, the flying disc sport could offer to me – a lifetime project.

At the beginning I became one of the most successful Overall-players in Switzerland, competed at many European Championships, and was a board member of the national association. But very soon I realized, that in fact only two of the flying disc sports “Disc Golf” and “Ultimate” would have the potential to become worldwide and recognized sports. As an individual athlete I laid then my focus fully on disc golf, not only as a player, but also as one of the organizers and moving forces in Europe. Many of my visions and concepts became reality and I’m most proud on the development of the EDGF (European Disc Golf Federation) where four years only after its foundation in 2014, new dedicated people have taken over the lead to bring EDGF and its European Championships to the next level.

As a discgolfer I have reached now the MP60 division and the game continues. So far, I can look back to a very successful career, specially as an MP40 and MP50 player with many National Championships titles, three European Championships titles, Eurotour wins and many tournament wins allover Europe.

There are many outstanding discgolfers now on the scene, Paul McBeth, Simon Lizotte, Eagle McMahon, Seppo Paju – just to name a few of my personal heros – who performing disc golf as a real sport at the highest level. Well, I’m far away to compare myself with them, but running this website a bit for my ego of course as well as another creative playground. At the other hand and this is more important, I would like to motivate every discgolfer and all those who like to start: “This sport has all to become your lifetime project”.

Live your dreams and keep the disc spinning.